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Solutions / Odoo

Odoo + Unified Communications

Call Center + IP Central + CRM + Helpdesk + Whatsapp + Email Marketing + HR + Electronic Billing + E-Learning

We implement management solutions, based on our own modules, integrating the channels most used by clients to provide  customer service, carry out pre-sale/sale actions, support, segmented marketing campaigns, among others.

"Odoo Agribusiness"

Livestock and Agriculture Management   + Cost Center + Fleet Management + HR + Electronic Billing + BI + Carbon Footprint

"Odoo Agronegocios" is an information system adaptable to your Livestock and Agriculture business, allowing you to manage and process key information for decision making, automate processes, until obtaining data on carbon emissions, with the aim of achieving certification. and quality of their products. 

IoT + Positive + BI

We centralize the data obtained from sensors for analysis, management and decision making, automating processes, increasing productivity, generating alert, visualization and control systems.

  1. Obtención y almacenamiento de Datos
  2. Dashboard BI
  3.  Indicadores de Ventas,  Finanzas y Producción 
  4. KPI´s / Estadisticas y Tendencias
  5. Alertas
  6. Mantenimiento
  7. Geolocalización
  8. Reportes

Odoo Retail

We have ERP solutions for Retailers, with custom integrations implemented for world-leading multinational brands. 
BiMoneda Balance / Integration with Shopify / Electronic Billing / Point of Sale / Custom integrations / CRM / Telesales /  Email Marketing / HR / Loyalty.

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Odoo Accounting / Finance / Billing

The Odoo invoicing app is a comprehensive tool designed to simplify and improve the invoicing process for businesses, offering a variety of useful features to effectively manage invoicing and accounting activities. 

Odoo Accounting  is an application with complete accounting features. Accounting productivity is the focus when developing the different features, such as invoices recognized by artificial intelligence, synchronization with your bank accounts, intelligently suggested matches, among others.

Tax localization packages
 are country-specific modules that install preconfigured taxes, tax positions, chart of accounts, and statutory declarations into your database. Some additional features, such as setting up specific certificates, are also added to your Accounting application, depending on your tax administration requirements. 

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